Chairperson's Report 2016

Sunny Ways (?) with Current Conditions of Heavily Overcast Skies

With the election of a Liberal majority government in October 2015 newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forecast “sunny ways” with respect to the way government will function. This “sunny way” was meant to shed new light on ministries such as the Ministries of Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resources Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans such that the storm clouds of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act of 2012 (CEAA) would soon dissipate. However, this CEAA storm system is moving out slowly, if not stalled, and the skies remain heavily overcast with regard to environmental concerns in general and the uranium mining and nuclear industry in particular.

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2012 AGM

Our AGM is 16 June. Join us.

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Chairperson's Usual Brilliant Report for 2011

Michael Poellet outlines our hopes and frustrations and points out the dangerous direction our governments are heading.

Gordon Edwards and Bob Del Tredici in Saskatoon for public education

The nuclear industry declined the offer to debate Gordon Edwards.Come out to these events to see why.

Learn what really happened in Fukushima, for instance. Videos, visuals and presentations by Dr. Gordon Edwards, internationally-renowned photographer Robert Del Tredici and the Northern Saskatchewan 7000 Generations Wanska! Walkers. Saskatoon, 20 September 2011, Arts Bldg U of S campus 1:30pm at Neatby-Timlin Theatre (formerly Place Riel Theatre) and 7:30pm at the Broadway Theatre. For more details see attached posters.

Clean Green Saskatchewan has more information.

2011 AGM and anniversary party

We hope you can attend our AGM and 30th Anniversary party, 18 June 2011. Read the attachment for more details.

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