Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy.

Chairperson's Usual Brilliant Report for 2011

Michael Poellet outlines our hopes and frustrations and points out the dangerous direction our governments are heading.

Gordon Edwards and Bob Del Tredici in Saskatoon for public education

The nuclear industry declined the offer to debate Gordon Edwards.Come out to these events to see why.

Learn what really happened in Fukushima, for instance. Videos, visuals and presentations by Dr. Gordon Edwards, internationally-renowned photographer Robert Del Tredici and the Northern Saskatchewan 7000 Generations Wanska! Walkers. Saskatoon, 20 September 2011, Arts Bldg U of S campus 1:30pm at Neatby-Timlin Theatre (formerly Place Riel Theatre) and 7:30pm at the Broadway Theatre. For more details see attached posters.

Clean Green Saskatchewan has more information.

What Do We Know about High Level Nuclear Waste?

Once again, Bill Adamson has researched a key topic and has written an article on the dangers of following the nuclear path. How can we even think of embracing such a technology with unsolved long-lasting risks?

Nuclear Wastes: In Whose Backyard?

Bill Adamson, at the public consultations in response to the UDP, asks some difficult rhetorical questions. Which pro-nuclear advocates would be willing to store the nuclear wastes in their backyards?

The Truth about High Level Nuclear Wastes

Here's Bill with information about High Level Nuclear Waste, with lots of historical facts. He traces the history to show us why we are in today's sad situation.

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