Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy.

Urgent request to attend UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Hearings

If you want to do only one thing to further the struggle against further nuclear development in Saskatchewan please attend the public hearings. Time is of the essence, so contact as many people as you can and drag them to the meeting. The Saskatoon event will be Monday, 15 June 2009 at the Travelodge at 7 p.m. For further information, read the attached document. See you there.

Celebrate Earth Day with Oxfam

The Oxfam Saskatoon Community Group is excited to invite you to an Earth Day Celebration. Learn, Act, Celebrate--Women’s Rights and Climate Justice Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 7:00 pm, Lydia’s Pub, 650 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

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The problem with nuclear

Pamphlets outlining problems with nuclear.

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What Bruce Power won't be telling you about nuclear reactors on the North Saskatchewan River

Duncan Hawthorne of Bruce Power is proposing to build two nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan. They would employ 1000 people full time for 60 years and bring $240 million annually to the provincial government. However, we do well to remember the saying, The Devil is in the details!

Public cost of nuclear power

Taxpayers pay front-end subsidies. We pay again for cost overruns. We pay for other sources of electricity when nuclear projects don't start on time or shut down for costly refurbishing. And then our kids will pay again for costly decommissioning and futuristic nuclear waste management.

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