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Chairperson's Report 2016

Sunny Ways (?) with Current Conditions of Heavily Overcast Skies

With the election of a Liberal majority government in October 2015 newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forecast “sunny ways” with respect to the way government will function. This “sunny way” was meant to shed new light on ministries such as the Ministries of Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resources Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans such that the storm clouds of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act of 2012 (CEAA) would soon dissipate. However, this CEAA storm system is moving out slowly, if not stalled, and the skies remain heavily overcast with regard to environmental concerns in general and the uranium mining and nuclear industry in particular.

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Chairperson's Usual Brilliant Report for 2011

Michael Poellet outlines our hopes and frustrations and points out the dangerous direction our governments are heading.

ICUCEC's brilliant chairperson's Report to 2009 AGM

Michael Poellet, in his usual flamboyant style, presented his 2009 report to the Annual General Meeting in early June. His report outlines what ICUCEC has been doing in the last year and what has been happening regarding environmental assessments and proposed nuclear development in Saskatachewan. It makes for interesting reading. Please read the attachment.

Maisie Shiell, on her deathbed, left the province an urgent message

As Maisie Shiell was dying, she summoned up her last bit of strength and wrote a letter to the citizens of Saskatchewan urging them to learn about the negatives of uranium mining. ICUCEC is proud to post this amazing document on Maisie's behalf. We hope it will spur you to speak and work against present and future mining projects. To read Maisie's document, click on attachment.

Urgent request to attend UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Hearings

If you want to do only one thing to further the struggle against further nuclear development in Saskatchewan please attend the public hearings. Time is of the essence, so contact as many people as you can and drag them to the meeting. The Saskatoon event will be Monday, 15 June 2009 at the Travelodge at 7 p.m. For further information, read the attached document. See you there.

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