The importance of active citizenry and how to be actively involved

Celebrate Earth Day with Oxfam

The Oxfam Saskatoon Community Group is excited to invite you to an Earth Day Celebration. Learn, Act, Celebrate--Women’s Rights and Climate Justice Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 7:00 pm, Lydia’s Pub, 650 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

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CCGS Position Paper

Does your organization support a non-nuclear strategy for Saskatchewan?

Sign on to The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan position paper.

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Maisie Shiell, vociferous uranium mining opponent, dies 21 May 2008

The legendary watchdog activism of Saskatchewan's Maisie Shiell has earned her respect from both sides of the uranium mining debate. She has been a tough-minded, tireless crusader for nuclear responsibility for three decades.

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Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate-Level Radioactive Wastes

CNSC invites public comments on the Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines and Joint Panel Agreement. 

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CNSC Public Hearings for Rabbit Lake licence renewal and EA for Solution Processing Project

This is an opportunity to submit public criticism of the expansion of the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Rabbit Lake Operation is an active uranium mine.

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