AGM Reports

AGM Presentation 2023

Angela Bischoff joined us as guest speaker. She is the Director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a small but powerful group aiming to move Ontario onto a 100% renewable energy path. She has worked with the environmental non-profit sector for more than 3 decades in 4 Canadian cities. She takes her activism to her personal life in the practice and teaching of yoga, daily commutes by bike, and care for her aging mother.

Below is a PDF of her presentation:

SMRs: Canada & Saskatchewan

AGM Notice 2022

Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Co-operative (ICUCEC) is having its AGM by Zoom, Saturday, 28 May 2022, at 10 am.

We would love to have you in attendance to help us forge our way forward. Also, we are always looking for new board members. We can have as many as 25. Our numbers have dwindled in the last year so we are looking for replacements—and more. We have been having Zoom meetings for the past couple of years. That means we can have people from all over the province at our AGM and on the board.

AGM Invitation

2016 Chairperson's Report: Sunny Ways (?) with Current Conditions of Heavily Overcast Skies

With the election of a Liberal majority government in October 2015 newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forecast "sunny ways" with respect to the way government will function. This "sunny way" was meant to shed new light on ministries such as the Ministries of Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resources Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans such that the storm clouds of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act of 2012 (CEAA) would soon dissipate. Read the report:

2016 Chairperson's Report

Chairperson's Usual Brilliant Report for 2011

Michael Poellet outlines our hopes and frustrations and points out the dangerous direction our governments are heading.

2011 Chairperson's Report

ICUCEC's brilliant chairperson's Report to 2009 AGM

Michael Poellet, in his usual flamboyant style, presented his 2009 report to the Annual General Meeting in early June. His report outlines what ICUCEC has been doing in the last year and what has been happening regarding environmental assessments and proposed nuclear development in Saskatachewan.

"Environment Minister Jim Prentice intends to deregulate federal environmental assessment in much the same way that George Bush deregulated the financial services industry and Mike Harris deregulated control of drinking water supplies." These are the opening remarks of the executive director of the Sierra Club Canada, Stephen Hazell, in a January 14, 2009 press release. These proposed actions by the federal government have provided the context for much of the work of the Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Cooperative (ICUCEC) this past year and imply some alarming consequences for our future work. Read the full report:

2009 Chairperson's Report

Saskatchewan update: February 28, 2006

As many already know, the nuclear wizards are on the march globally, nationally and locally. They are promoting a global nuclear renaissance as the answer to climate change issues and how to cut down on CO2 emissions.

Feb. 2006 Update

2004-05 ICUCEC Activities

A Brief Report of Activities of ICUCEC in 2004-5, supported in part by donations from SJC

2004-2005 Report

2003-04 Activities

A Brief Report of Activities of ICUCEC in 2003-4, Social Justice Committee of The Sask. Conference, Division of Mission, United Churchsupported in part by donations from SJC

2003-2004 Report

Report to the 2000 ICUCEC AGM

I am deeply, personally concerned that Saskatchewan's unique development of high-grade uranium may eventually lead to a disastrous ecological loss through detrimental genetic change in the environment for our children in future centuries. - Maisie Shiell

Read Maisie Shiell's Report