Licencing processes

Licencing processes information

Chairperson's Usual Brilliant Report for 2011

Michael Poellet outlines our hopes and frustrations and points out the dangerous direction our governments are heading.

CNSC: Watchdog or Industry Enabler?

Although the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)is supposed to protect the environment and the health of all living organisms, it appears to be siding with government and the nuclear industry.

ICUCEC's brilliant chairperson's Report to 2009 AGM

Michael Poellet, in his usual flamboyant style, presented his 2009 report to the Annual General Meeting in early June. His report outlines what ICUCEC has been doing in the last year and what has been happening regarding environmental assessments and proposed nuclear development in Saskatachewan. It makes for interesting reading. Please read the attachment.

CNSC Public Hearings for Rabbit Lake licence renewal and EA for Solution Processing Project

This is an opportunity to submit public criticism of the expansion of the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Rabbit Lake Operation is an active uranium mine.

CNSC licencing hearings for Key Lake and McArthur River

This is and opportunity for public submissions against the renewal of licences for two, large uranium mines in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Just follow the CNSC proceedures for submissions and attend the hearings or view live Webcasts of them on the CNSC Website.

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