Truths and myths

Truths and myths about the impacts of nuclear energy and uranium mining on Saskatchewan's people, animals and environment.

The Truth about High Level Nuclear Wastes

Here's Bill with information about High Level Nuclear Waste, with lots of historical facts. He traces the history to show us why we are in today's sad situation.

Mine Tailings Blowing in the Wind

Bill Adamson, our board member who keeps writing educational articles, has yet another one to dispel the myth that uranium mining is safe and clean. In the attachment Bill lists the amount and contents of the tailings, produced in Saskatchewan until 2008. Can anyone still believe that the process is clean? The public needs to know these facts.

Maisie Shiell, on her deathbed, left the province an urgent message

As Maisie Shiell was dying, she summoned up her last bit of strength and wrote a letter to the citizens of Saskatchewan urging them to learn about the negatives of uranium mining. ICUCEC is proud to post this amazing document on Maisie's behalf. We hope it will spur you to speak and work against present and future mining projects. To read Maisie's document, click on attachment.

Urgent request to attend UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Hearings

If you want to do only one thing to further the struggle against further nuclear development in Saskatchewan please attend the public hearings. Time is of the essence, so contact as many people as you can and drag them to the meeting. The Saskatoon event will be Monday, 15 June 2009 at the Travelodge at 7 p.m. For further information, read the attached document. See you there.

What the UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Report is not telling us about wastes

Bill Adamson has prepared the attached response to the UDP Report on the topic of wastes. You will not hear about any of this in the mainstream media.

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