Truths and myths

Truths and myths about the impacts of nuclear energy and uranium mining on Saskatchewan's people, animals and environment.

What Bruce Power won't be telling you about nuclear reactors on the North Saskatchewan River

Duncan Hawthorne of Bruce Power is proposing to build two nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan. They would employ 1000 people full time for 60 years and bring $240 million annually to the provincial government. However, we do well to remember the saying, The Devil is in the details!

Public cost of nuclear power

Taxpayers pay front-end subsidies. We pay again for cost overruns. We pay for other sources of electricity when nuclear projects don't start on time or shut down for costly refurbishing. And then our kids will pay again for costly decommissioning and futuristic nuclear waste management.

Nuclear proponent ignores the rest of the uranium story

In the story, A new look at nuclear (SP, Dec. 4), Lyle Krahn persists in repeating the tired nuclear mantra, namely: "I can summarize the advantages of nuclear power in three words—clean, reliable and affordable."

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Selective Inattention to Nuclear Details

Selective inattention to nuclear details is evident in the editorial opinion of the Star Phoenix (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005) The editors ignore the fact that nuclear reactors give off radioactive tritium into the atmosphere.

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Nuclear Power Neither Clean nor Green nor Safe

Nuclear power isn't clean, or green, or safe, as Dr. Helen Caldecott of Australia, president of the Nuclear Policy Institute, points out.

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