Mission Statement

The Inter-Church Uranium Committee is founded on three principles from Judaeo-Christian teachings:

"Thou shalt not kill."

"Blessed are the Peacemakers."

"Humanity cannot live on bread alone."

These principles lead us to a respect for all life, a desire to build a just, peaceful and ecologically sound world, and a belief that social well-being must be measured, not only in terms of outward, quantitative, material growth, but also in terms of inward, qualitative, moral and spiritual growth.

We acknowledge, with sorrow, that Saskatchewan mines some twenty-five to thirty percent of the world's uranium, and that, from here, our uranium goes forth to fuel the world-wide nuclear energy and weapons complex.

Based on our desire for peace, ecological wisdom and human health and well-being, our organization stands in opposition to uranium mining in Saskatchewan and to the uranium/nuclear industry around the world.

Our Goals

Our organization exists to achieve the following goals:

- To educate people in Saskatchewan and elsewhere about the many peace, environmental and health issues arising from the mining of uranium in Saskatchewan and the nuclear industry world-wide.

- To be a voice for people affected by the uranium industry in Saskatchewan.

- To prevent the further expansion of the uranium/nuclear industry in Saskatchewan.

- To stand in solidarity with others opposing the nuclear industry across Canada and around the world.

- To bring about a complete end to uranium mining in Saskatchewan, the ecologically sound stewardship of Saskatchewan uranium mine tailings, and just reparations to those who have been affected by the uranium industry in Saskatchewan from the 1950's to the present.

- To do our part to bring about an end to the nuclear industry world-wide, and the ecologically sound stewardship of radioactive materials created or exposed to the environment as a result of the nuclear industry.