Graham Simpson's Address to Nunavut Planning Commission

Nunavut is currently wrestling with the question of allowing uranium mining or not. Graham Simpson delivered a speech to the Nunavut Planning Commission in 2007, warning them not to allow mining. Nothing has changed since then. His warning is still relevant. Beware. For Graham's complete speech, download the pdf.

The Case Against Food Irradiation

Graham Simpson, in an address to the Canadian Home Economics Association in Saskatoon, 14 July 1992, outlined the reasons for not embracing the notion of food irradiation. He said that it is an industry driven by nuclear interests, not by public demand.
For the complete speech, download the pdf.

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Uranium Mining but Were Afraid to ask

Anna Tilman, who has researched several toxic issues, including mercury, is a board member of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health. She has written a four-part series for the Watershed Sentinel entitled "On the Yellowcake Trail", which tracks the history of all aspects of uranium mining in Canada, from the mining and milling to processing and use throughout its eighty-year history. This series of articles is an excellent primer for those who wonder about this serious issue. It is an eye-opening read.

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What Do We Know about High Level Nuclear Waste?

Once again, Bill Adamson has researched a key topic and has written an article on the dangers of following the nuclear path. How can we even think of embracing such a technology with unsolved long-lasting risks?

Nuclear Wastes: In Whose Backyard?

Bill Adamson, at the public consultations in response to the UDP, asks some difficult rhetorical questions. Which pro-nuclear advocates would be willing to store the nuclear wastes in their backyards?

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