Risks to Health and Safety From Uranium Mining: a Response to the UDP

Bill is back again with more reasons why we should stop uranium mining in Saskatchewan. His arguments are very compelling.

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The Truth about High Level Nuclear Wastes

Here's Bill with information about High Level Nuclear Waste, with lots of historical facts. He traces the history to show us why we are in today's sad situation.

Mine Tailings Blowing in the Wind

Bill Adamson, our board member who keeps writing educational articles, has yet another one to dispel the myth that uranium mining is safe and clean. In the attachment Bill lists the amount and contents of the tailings, produced in Saskatchewan until 2008. Can anyone still believe that the process is clean? The public needs to know these facts.

CNSC: Watchdog or Industry Enabler?

Although the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)is supposed to protect the environment and the health of all living organisms, it appears to be siding with government and the nuclear industry.

ICUCEC's brilliant chairperson's Report to 2009 AGM

Michael Poellet, in his usual flamboyant style, presented his 2009 report to the Annual General Meeting in early June. His report outlines what ICUCEC has been doing in the last year and what has been happening regarding environmental assessments and proposed nuclear development in Saskatachewan. It makes for interesting reading. Please read the attachment.

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