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History of Nuclearization of Saskatchewan

CFCR 90.5 FM Making the Links interview series with Don Kossick. This is a 3 part series on the History of Nuclearization of Saskatchewan with noted environmentalist Peter Prebble.

Part 1 focuses on the link between uranium mining and nuclear weapons. How the Beaverlodge mine near Uranium City and the Gunnar mine on the north shore of Lake Athabasca were developed to supply the US atomic weapons industry. The successful campaign to stop a uranium refinery from being built in Warman, Saskatchewan, and the controversial approval of the Cluff Lake uranium mine in northwest Saskatchewan. Gives examples of risky uranium sales in which there was a clear danger Saskatchewan uranium would be used for nuclear weapons purposes and the unsuccessful struggle to have Saskatchewan uranium withheld from the world market until the Non-Proliferation Treaty could be strengthened.

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Part 2 focuses on the risks associated with nuclear power. The successful efforts to block nuclear reactor construction in Saskatchewan over the past thirty years. The nuclear accidents in Chernobyl Ukraine and Fukushima Japan. In the event of trouble, shutting down a nuclear power station successfully does not necessarily prevent a serious accident from occurring. There must be an ongoing supply of electricity to the reactor itself, so that uranium fuel bundles can be cooled. A loss of electricity for several days poses extreme danger. The exceptional risks nuclear power stations present in the event of war, as evidenced by events unfolding in Ukraine. The lack of a solution for how to safely dispose of the high level radioactive waste that every nuclear reactor produces.

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SMRs Presentation 2023

Angela Bischoff joined us as guest speaker at our 2023 AGM. She is the Director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a small but powerful group aiming to move Ontario onto a 100% renewable energy path. She has worked with the environmental non-profit sector for more than 3 decades in 4 Canadian cities. She takes her activism to her personal life in the practice and teaching of yoga, daily commutes by bike, and care for her aging mother.

Below is a PDF of her presentation:

SMRs: Canada & Saskatchewan

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Report and Government Response

Adopted by the Standing Committee on Science and Research, House of Commons, Canada.

SMNR Report

Investigating Benefits and Challenges of Converting Retiring Coal Plants into Nuclear Plants

Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy Systems Analysis and Integration September 13, 2022

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Video: Nuclear power is not a climate solution

A new, compelling video from Nuclear Energy Information Service, courtesy of Beyond Nuclear.

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Nuclear Reactors for Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan Government's intention is to use taxpayer dollars to research and build small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in Saskatchewan. Not Clean! Not Green! Not Safe! (October 2020)

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The Myth of Consultation and Approval

This video "Nuclear Treaty" talks about the Collaboration Agreement which was pushed and passed in 2012 in Pinehouse first, then jammed through in English River First Nation. It includes the interview with Mike Natamagan and CBC show "As It Happens". Film by Myek O'Shea, 2013. 34 minutes

Video: Nuclear Treaty