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Gordon Edwards and Bob Del Tredici in Saskatoon for public education

The nuclear industry declined the offer to debate Gordon Edwards. Come out to these events to see why.

Learn what really happened in Fukushima, for instance. Videos, visuals and presentations by Dr. Gordon Edwards, internationally-renowned photographer Robert Del Tredici and the Northern Saskatchewan 7000 Generations Wanska! Walkers. Saskatoon, 20 September 2011, Arts Bldg U of S campus 1:30pm at Neatby-Timlin Theatre (formerly Place Riel Theatre) and 7:30pm at the Broadway Theatre. For more details see attached posters. Clean Green Saskatchewan has more information.

September 2011 event

What Do We Know about High Level Nuclear Waste?

Once again, Bill Adamson has researched a key topic and has written an article on the dangers of following the nuclear path. How can we even think of embracing such a technology with unsolved long-lasting risks?.

What Do We Know about High Level Nuclear Waste?

The Truth about High Level Nuclear Wastes

Here's Bill Adamson with information about High Level Nuclear Waste, with lots of historical facts. He traces the history to show us why we are in today's sad situation.

The Truth about High Level Nuclear Wastes

Urgent request to attend UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Hearings

If you want to do only one thing to further the struggle against further nuclear development in Saskatchewan please attend the public hearings. Time is of the essence, so contact as many people as you can and drag them to the meeting. The Saskatoon event will be Monday, 15 June 2009 at the Travelodge at 7 p.m. For further information, read the attached document. See you there.

Uranium Public Consultation Notice 2009

What the UDP (Uranium Development Partnership) Report is not telling us about wastes

Bill Adamson has prepared the attached response to the UDP Report on the topic of wastes. You will not hear about any of this in the mainstream media.

A Response to the UDP: HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR WASTE 2009

CCGS Position Paper

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan (CCGS) is a growing network of diverse, grass-roots organizations across rural, northern and urban Saskatchewan that supports our quickly moving towards a sustainable society. They oppose Bruce Power building nuclear plants in Saskatchewan. If your organization agrees with CCGS's position of a non-nuclear strategy for Saskatchewan, please sign on:

CCGS Position Paper 2009

Nuclear Wastes: In Whose Backyard?

Bill Adamson, at the public consultations in response to the UDP, asks some difficult rhetorical questions. Which pro-nuclear advocates would be willing to store the nuclear wastes in their backyards? Read the paper from June 2009:

Nuclear Waste Storage - In Whose Backyard?

What Bruce Power won't be telling you about nuclear reactors on the North Saskatchewan River

Duncan Hawthorne of Bruce Power is proposing to build two nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan. They would employ 1000 people full time for 60 years and bring $240 million annually to the provincial government. However, we do well to remember the saying, The Devil is in the details! ARticle by Bill Adamson, retired member of faculty of the University of Saskatchewan, March 2009

Nuclear reactors on the North Saskatchewan River

Public cost of nuclear power

Taxpayers pay front-end subsidies. We pay again for cost overruns. We pay for other sources of electricity when nuclear projects don't start on time or shut down for costly refurbishing. And then our kids will pay again for costly decommissioning and futuristic nuclear waste management.

Jim Harding's article about the public cost of Bruce Power's proposals appears in the March 6, 2009 Saskatoon Star Phoenix, and is definitely worth the read.

Maisie Shiell, on her deathbed, left the province an urgent message

As Maisie Shiell was dying, she summoned up her last bit of strength and wrote a letter to the citizens of Saskatchewan urging them to learn about the negatives of uranium mining. ICUCEC is proud to post this amazing document on Maisie's behalf. We hope it will spur you to speak and work against present and future mining projects. To read Maisie's document, click below.

Maisie Shiell 2008

Maisie Shiell, vociferous uranium mining opponent, dies 21 May 2008

The legendary watchdog activism of Saskatchewan's Maisie Shiell has earned her respect from both sides of the uranium mining debate. She has been a tough-minded, tireless crusader for nuclear responsibility for three decades.

Maisie Shiell's Obituary

Nuclear proponent ignores the rest of the uranium story

In the story, A new look at nuclear (SP, Dec. 4), Lyle Krahn persists in repeating the tired nuclear mantra, namely: "I can summarize the advantages of nuclear power in three words—clean, reliable and affordable." Bill Adamson responds in his letter to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 12 April 2008.

Nuclear proponent ignores the rest of the uranium story

Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Wastes

CNSC invites public comments on the Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines and Joint Panel Agreement.

Read the Report

CNSC Public Hearings for Rabbit Lake licence renewal and EA for Solution Processing Project

This is an opportunity to submit public criticism of the expansion of the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Rabbit Lake Operation is an active uranium mine.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a two-day public hearing on the application by Cameco Corporation (Cameco) to renew its operating licence for the Rabbit Lake Operation located in northern Saskatchewan. Notice - Ref. 2008-H-08 - Cameco Corporation - Application for the renewal of the operating licence for the Rabbit Lake Operation

Record of Proceedings

CNSC licencing hearings for Key Lake and McArthur River

This is an opportunity for public submissions against the renewal of licences for two, large uranium mines in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Just follow the CNSC procedures for submissions and attend the hearings or view live Webcasts of them on the CNSC Website.

Public Hearings held on June 10, 2008 by Cameco Corporation: Application for the renewal of the operating licence for the Key Lake uranium mill and Key Lake uranium mill.

Key Lake uranium mill hearing results
McArthur River uranium mine hearing results

Graham Simpson's Address to Nunavut Planning Commission

Nunavut is currently wrestling with the question of allowing uranium mining or not. Graham Simpson delivered a speech to the Nunavut Planning Commission in 2007, warning them not to allow mining. Nothing has changed since then. His warning is still relevant. Beware. For Graham's complete speech, download the pdf.

Graham Simpson 2007

Selective Inattention to Nuclear Details

Selective inattention to nuclear details is evident in the editorial opinion of the Star Phoenix (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005) The editors ignore the fact that nuclear reactors give off radioactive tritium into the atmosphere.

Selective Inattention to Nuclear Details

ICUCEC vs. Atomic Energy Control Board Court Case

We finally, after serious consideration, decided to take Canada's nuclear regulator, the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) to court. Although they were supposed to be our watchdog, they were in fact promoting the nuclear industry every step of the way. As ICUCEC says, "There has never been a proposal that AECB didn't like." The following comprehensive document, essentially our history until 1999, was produced for the court case.

Court Case Documents

Action Alert: ICUCEC needs your support

After much discussion and soul-searching, the Board of the Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Co-operative (ICUCEC) has bravely voted to take our case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

ICUCEC Court Case

The Imperative for Nuclear Responsibility: Facing the Weapons Legacy in School

Education through ethical reflection that leads to nuclear responsibility requires critical thinking. An article by Robert Regnier, 11/1/1993.

Facing the Weapons Legacy in School

Nuclear Power Neither Clean nor Green nor Safe

Nuclear power isn't clean, or green, or safe, as Dr. Helen Caldecott of Australia, president of the Nuclear Policy Institute, points out. Read the article by Bill Adamson:

Nuclear Power Neither Clean nor Green nor Safe

The Case Against Food Irradiation

Graham Simpson, in an address to the Canadian Home Economics Association in Saskatoon, 14 July 1992, outlined the reasons for not embracing the notion of food irradiation. He said that it is an industry driven by nuclear interests, not by public demand. For the complete speech, download the pdf.

Graham Simpson on Food Irradiation